Yetzirah: The Space We Aim to Hold

In a time when we can often feel most defined by what divides us, Yetzirah is a nonpolitical organization founded on the desire to provide a safe and welcoming space of community and support for Jewish poets of all denominations, degrees of religious engagement, races, ethnicities, sexualities, genders, socioeconomic backgrounds, and political affiliations.

We believe that as poets we share lives informed and inspired by an art form that thrives on wonder and nuance, on curiosity and the drive to reach beyond the easily known. And as we come together as writers and readers, as teachers and seekers, we hope each member of our community can first know and appreciate each other through this shared love of and devotion to poetry and, by so doing, create a space in which we can then discuss, with openness and respect, any other beliefs we might carry, learning and growing together.