Yetzirah Community Calendar

Events marked with an * are those created or co-sponsored by Yetzirah.

October 11,18, 25
*ONLINE: Yetzirah Workshop: (1-2 pm ET) “Telling the Soul’s Stories: Spiritual Anecdote and Autobiography” with Joy Ladin

October 15
*ONLINE: Yetzirah Book Club:  (12 pm ET) Bert Meyers: On the Life and Work of an American Master, eds. Adele Elise Williams & Dana Levin

October 22
*ONLINE: Yetzirah Reading Series: (5 pm ET) October 8 (Poet-Translators) Boris Dralyuk, Mira Rosenthal, Josh Weiner

November 12
*ONLINE: Yetzirah Reading Series: (5 pm ET) November 12 (Shadow/Light) Maya Bernstein, Jacqueline Osherow, Yehoshua November

November 13
ONLINE: Jewish Book Council’s 2023 Jewish Writers’ Conference: (6 pm ET) The Epi­ge­net­ics of Joy: Writ­ing Judaism Beyond Trau­ma with Chan­da Feld­man, Móni­ca Gomery, Eri­ka Meitner, and Yetzirah founder Jessica Jacobs

December 3
*ONLINE: Yetzirah Book Club: (12 pm ET) Victoria Redel, Paradise

December 6, 13, 20
*ONLINE: Yetzirah Workshop: (1-2 pm ET) “Writing God” with Joy Ladin

December 12
IN-PERSON, PORTLAND, ME: Yetzirah Poets of Maine—A Chanukah Reading (7 pm ET) with poets Sally Bliumis-Dunn, Meghan Sterling, Anna Wrobel and hosts Ilana Gilg and Jim Donnelly. Jewish Community Alliance of Southern Maine 1342 Congress Street /Portland, Maine 04102. 

2024 Events

January 14
*ONLINE: Yetzirah Reading Series: (5 pm ET) January 14 (Trees/Nature) Susan Aizenberg, Lauren Camp, Taije Silverman

March 10
*ONLINE: Yetzirah Reading Series: (5 pm ET) March 10 (Wildness) Jake Marmer, Lisa Richter, Leslie Ullman

April 14
*ONLINE: Yetzirah Reading Series: (5 pm ET) April 14 (Liberation/Freedom) Matthew Lippman, Rachel Mennies, Nomi Stone


Past 2023 Events

September 10
*ONLINE: Yetzirah Reading Series: (5 pm ET) September 10 (Self-Reflection) Hilda Raz, Grace Schulman, Alan Shapiro

September 7
ONLINE & IN-PERSON, Santa Fe, NM: (6 pm MT) Jewish Poetry Salon with Lauren Camp, Elizabeth Jacobson, Maia H. Katz, Michelle Laflamme-Childs, Hilda Raz, and Miriam Sagan. Collected Works Bookstore & Coffeehouse, 202 Galisteo St., Santa Fe, NM 87501

June 20-25
Yetzirah’s 2023 Summer Conference, with faculty Rodger Kamenetz, Ilya Kaminsky, Jaqueline Osherow, and keynote Alicia Ostriker. 

May 25
IN-PERSON, NEWTON, MA: A Jewish Poetry Salon in Celebration of Shavuot with Gail Mazur, Lloyd Schwartz, and Ron Slate, hosted and co-sponsored Temple Reyim, Hebrew College, JARTS, Jewish Women’s Archive, Kesher Newton, Keshet, Mayyim Hayyim, Massachusetts Board of Rabbis, RUACH, and Zamir Chorale of Boston. Newton’s New Jewish Collaborative Campus, Newton, MA

April 26
IN-PERSON, PHILADELPHIA, PA: 12:30-2 PM, A reading and discussion with Philly poets Maya Pindyck, Harriet Levin Millan, Amy Small-McKinney, and Leah Falk, hosted by Drexel University’s Certificate Program in Writing and Publishing and Drexel Hillel, admission free and open to all, Roberta Rosen Sheller Chapel, Pearlman Center, Hillel Drexel, Philadelphia, PA

April 9
*ONLINE: Yetzirah Reading Series: (Liberation/Freedom) Janlori Goldman, Dana Levin, Gail Newman, Yerra Sugarman

March 19
*ONLINE: Yetzirah Reading Series: (A Translation Event, co-sponsored by the Yiddish Book Center) Featuring Jennifer Kronovet & Aviya Kushner, with Merle Bachman & Maia Evrona  

March 8-11: AWP Conference, Seattle, WA
*Wednesday-Saturday, March 8-11: Yetzirah will share table T1211 with the The Laurel Review. Stop by and say hello!

Thursday, March 9: AWP Panel, “Poetic Experiments: Incorporating Play into Writing and Teaching,” with Yetzirah’s Vice President Jehanne Dubrow, and Kimberly Grey, Felicia Zamora, Phillip B. Williams, and Julie Carr.

*ONLINE & IN-PERSON: Thursday, March 9: “Contemporary Jewish Poets,” AWP Offsite Reading, co-sponsored by Ayin Press, with Dan Alter, Lauren CampChanda FeldmanErika MeitnerAlicia Ostriker, Eden Pearlsteinand Alicia Jo Rabins. Co-Hosted by Tom Haviv and Jessica Jacobs. Temple De Hirsch Sinai, Seattle, WA 

*Friday, March 10: AWP Panel, “Not For Myself Alone: Creating and Sustaining Jewish Literary Communities,” with Jessica Jacobs (Yetzirah), Becca Kantor (Jewish Book Council), Madeline (Mindl) Cohen (Yiddish Book Center), Tom Haviv (Ayin Press), and Alicia Ostriker (Lillith Magazine).

Friday, March 10: 5:30-5:45 pm PT. Sabbath in Seattle, hosted by Alicia Jo Rabins and Jessica Jacobs. If you’re at AWP, join us for challah, grape juice, and a candle lighting in the Sheraton Grand Seattle.

Saturday, March 11: Book signing with Yetzirah’s Secretary Yerra Sugarman, along with James Allen Hall and Glenis Redmond. Four Way Books

February 12, 2023
*ONLINE: Yetzirah Reading Series: (Wildness) Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach, Rodger Kamenetz, Jason Schneiderman

February 9, 2023
*NEW YORK, NY: Yetzirah’s first in-person poetry salon, hosted by Yetzirah’s Secretary Yerra Sugarman, with featured readers Alicia Ostriker, Sean Singer, and Lynn Melnick

February 8, 2023
*NEW YORK, NY & ONLINE: A reading & conversation with Joy Ladin, introduced by Jessica Jacobs, at the Jewish Theological Seminary, co-sponsored by JTS & Yetzirah 

January 29, 2023
*ONLINE: Optional informational session about applying for a fellowship to Yetzirah’s summer conference 

January 15, 2023
*ONLINE: Yetzirah Reading Series: (Trees/Nature) Rebecca Aronson, Rachel Hadas, Maya Pindyck
ASHEVILLE, NC: Yetzirah Reading Series Watch Party, Congregation Beth Israel

January 12, 2023
ONLINE: JCC Buffalo—Jewish Poetry Reading Series. Reading with Joy Ladin, Jared Harel, and Jessica Jacobs (who read & talked about Yetzirah).

2022 Events

November 13, 2022
*ONLINE: Yetzirah Reading Series: November 13 (101 Jewish Poems for the New Millennium anthology event) Nancy Naomi Carlson & Matthew Silverman (editors), Jeffrey Levine, Alan Michael Parker, Amy Small-McKinney, Katherine Smith
October 9, 2022
*ONLINE: Yetzirah Reading Series: October 9 (Harvest/Fruition/Fullness) Judith Baumel, David Ebenbach, Erika Meitner, Victoria Redel
September 11, 2022
*ONLINE: Yetzirah Reading Series: September 11 (Self-Reflection) Dan Alter, Rosebud Ben-Oni, Joy Ladin, Sean Singer