Dvorah Simon

b. 1957

Current City, State, Country

Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Birth City, State, Country

Wilmington, Delaware, USA


Dvorah Simon is a psychologist and poet, daughter of two people who survived concentration camps and did their utmost to keep the flame of Jewish identity and creativity in the face of an absurd universe. Her book, Mercy, was published by Hanford Mead Publishers in 2008, and received the Nautilus  Silver Book Award in 2009 for small press books. Her poetry is characterized by attention to rhythm and sound, with influences from A.A. Milne, Mary Oliver, and Biblical poetry. She currently lives in New Mexico where she works as a psychologist while not tending her literal and spiritual gardens.

Published Works

Mercy (Hanford Mead, 2008)

Walking in Two Worlds: The Relational Self in Theory, Practice, and Community (co-edited with Stephen Gilligan, Ph.D.; Zeig, Tucker, and Theisen, 2004)

Author Site

Current Title

Psychologist, New Mexico VA Medical Center

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