Herb Levy

b. 1949

Current City, State, Country

Charlottesville, Virginia, USA

Birth City, State, Country

Baltimore, Maryland, USA


Herb Levy is a poet and a lay leader in his congregation. He directed local and national nonprofit organizations for more than 32 years. His work was largely in the area of affordable housing, but also included directing a faith community and a nonprofit presenter of folk and acoustic music.

Herb Levy began writing poetry in high school inspired, in part, by the poetry then being read at coffeehouses. His undergraduate degree is in English. That exposed him to some of the greatest poets writing in the English language. Some of the poetry he wrote in college was an exercise in learning the value of the many forms of poetry. He returned to free verse, as it is the clearest expression of his voice.

What is the relationship between Judaism and/or Jewish culture and your poetry?

Roughly thirty years ago, my poetry began to become an expression of his Jewish faith. Now, nearly every poem I write is an expression of my Judaism.

Published Works

Torah, a Template for Healing (Hakodesh Press, 2023)

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University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Catholic University

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