Jane Saginaw

b. 1954

Current City, State, Country

Dallas, Texas, USA

Birth City, State, Country

Detriot, Michigan, USA


Jane Saginaw is the author of Because the World is Round, a memoir that recounts a family trip around the world in 1970 with her mother who used a wheelchair because of polio paralysis. She is a student in the Ph.D. Program in Literature at the University of Texas at Dallas. Before returning to graduate school, Jane was a trial lawyer with Baron & Budd in Dallas, Texas. She served in the Clinton Administration as the Regional Administrator of the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region Six. In 2006, she was awarded Trail Lawyer of the Year by Trial Lawyers for Public Justice for her environmental work involving groundwater contamination in Tucson, Arizona. Jane’s undergraduate degree is in cultural geography from the University of California, Berkeley. Her law degree is from the University of Texas, Austin. In 2023 she earned a Masters in Humanities from the University of Texas, Dallas. Her essays and poetry have appeared in Athenaeum Review, Image, D Magazine, and PB Daily.

Published Works

Because the World is Round (Deep Vellum, 2022)

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BS Cultural Geography, University of California, Berkeley
School of Law, JD, University of Texas (Austin)
MS Humanities, University of Texas (Dallas)

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