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Mark L. Levinson

b. 1948

Current City, State, Country

Herzliya, Israel

Birth City, State, Country

West Newton, Massachusetts, USA


Mark L. Levinson was born in West Newton, Massachusetts. His parents were a Harvard–Radcliffe couple, and he too finished Harvard College (the fifth in two generations of Levinsons to do so). After graduation he moved to Israel, spent a year on Kibbutz Ramat Hashofet as a student of Hebrew and a factory hand, and then moved to Haifa where he worked as a teacher of English for adults. In the Israeli army, he was assigned to teach soldiers mathematics as well as English. After his military service, he worked at a succession of Israeli software companies as a technical writer, promotional writer, and manager of writers. During that time, he acquired a wife (Leah née Mizrahi) and son (Shakhal), moved to Herzliya, and held various positions in the Society for Technical Communication, the Israel Association of Writers in English, and the Voices Israel Group of Poets in English. In his spare time, he occasionally contributed to the local English-language press and began performing translation work — which he still pursues after retiring from long-term salaried work.

Published Works

Edited Works
arc 25 (Co-Editor; The Israel Association of Writers in English, 2017)

Translated Works
Nakam: The Holocaust Survivors Who Sought Full-Scale Revenge, by Dina Porat (Stanford University Press, 2022)
The Milk Moon Assassin, a novel by L.A. Couriel (privately published, 2019)
Arton, a play by Aharon Ezra (2004)

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Current Title

Freelance translator, Hebrew to English


Harvard College, BA cum laude in English, 1970
The Technion, Certificate in Computer Programming, 1979

Languages of Publication(s) and Poets Translated

Hebrew — Amihai, Uri Zvi Greenberg

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