Bring Yetzirah to You: Jewish Poetry Salons of Community & Care

October 2023: We encourage you to consider bringing people together in your local community to share poems you’re finding meaningful in this time, which we believe can provide comfort in the face of this terror. We have adapted our Bring Yetzirah to You Jewish Poetry Salon kit to help facilitate Jewish Poetry Salons of Community & Care.

As we continue our daily lives, as we should, let us build spaces in which to share our grief for the suffering of innocent people and to express our outrage against evil. Let us build spaces in which we can join together to find moments of comfort in poetry and each other.

So whether you’d like to hold an event at your synagogue or home, at a bookstore or library, with your book club or writing group, or as part of a local reading series, we’ve created some materials to assist you. 

Once you’ve got everything planned, send your event’s details to our intern Shelby Sizemore at [email protected], and we’ll add it to our community calendar. In your message, please include:

    • Name, date, and time of the event you’ll be hosting

    • Address of the event’s venue (if it’s in person)

    • Names of participating readers, hosts, etc.

    • A link to your event (if you have one)