March 3, 2024: Yetzirah Book Club: Ilya Kaminsky & Carolyn Forché

Readings and conversation with Ilya Kaminsky and Carolyn Forché, editors of In the Hour of War: Poetry from Ukraine. Hosted by Yerra Sugarman.

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The organization mentioned in the video, which Ilya Kaminsky helped to found, is Young People’s Poems Against Missiles, which includes a poetry studio for children, master-classes, meetings (online and in person) with well-known authors, youth poetry competitions, recitations, features on young poets’ community in the Evening Odesa newspaper, and more. If you’d like to make a direct donation to Young People’s Poems Against Missiles, you can do so via PayPal to [email protected].

Given that since the war their began, over 3000 Ukrainian publishing professionals have lost their livelihoods, and a number have lost their lives, another cause you might consider supporting is Helping Ukrainian Books and Booksellers, an organization that Carolyn Forché helped to found to raise funds for direct support to Ukrainian booksellers, editors, printers, warehouse workers, libraries and librarians, and other personnel involved in the publishing industry and book culture.